"Everyone is an artist and can heal through the creative process."


The Healing Art Process uses the method of creating expressive art that allows the art maker to experience an emotional release. Making art in an expressive and playful way can create an internal connection to past traumas allowing the unconscious to release accumulated pain.

Linda G. Litteral, Healing Art Process Instructor



Word therapies only go so far in healing traumatic events. Victims of sexual child abuse, PTSD, and other traumatic events have found healing through art making. The Healing Art Process is very effective in allowing the victim of trauma to release their pain in a safe and unconscious manner. 

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Art is the vehicle in which we can approach experiences and emotions that are very personal. Healing Art Process is an expressive arts experience that is an exploration into the creative process that is an act of healing in and of itself. Sign up for one of Linda Litteral's Healing Art Process workshops at the Studio Door in North Park. 

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